3M Flat Back Paper Masking Tape 2515

Short Description

3M™ Flat Back Paper Masking Tape 2515 is a general purpose tape with exceptional tack and holding power ideal for a range of packaging and low-heat web processing applications, where adhesion to paper products is necessary.

This tough tape features a dependable kraft paper backing capable of resisting moisture, and can be torn by hand for easy application. It is brown in color.

Quantity Needed

The strong adhesive on the Tartan™ Flat Back Paper Masking Tape 2515 effectively sticks to many surfaces and makes an effective material for splicing many grades of paper and paperboards.

The tape is more rigid than crepe paper masking tapes, making it ideal for creating long, straight paint lines. Masking Tape 2515 is also a useful tape for bundling, holding, tabbing and packaging applications where paper tapes are preferred.