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Sales team

Sean Coary, VP of Sales

Sean Coary has been a member of the TBP Converting team since 1999. As a long standing member of the TBP team, Sean has developed and evolved through numerous roles at TBP from a multi-award winning salesman, to his current role as VP of Sales. When working with Sean, you will find he is an expert in the commercial vehicle, trailer, window and door fabrication markets. His experience lends him a large breadth of expertise in the application and use of pressure sensitive tapes and sealants. When Sean is not out specifying the latest transportation tape, you can find him in his element on the golf course, maintaining his saltwater reef tank at home or in the country side bow hunting.

Edward R Myers III, Sales Support

Ed Myers has been a member of the TBP Converting team since 2002. Our four-time Sales Gladiator of the Year is well known to his clients for being one of the most knowledgeable salespersons within TBP. His sales expertise ranges from fabricated die cut parts, to specifying bonding materials, adhesives, sealants and protective films. His experience means you can trust Ed to find the right products for you in an efficient and timely manner. When Ed is not finding the latest breakthrough application for adhesive tapes at TBP, you can find him working hard at his local cross-fit gym, and if he is not there, he may be out golfing or taking a quick scenic photo of the country side.

Steve Beisel, Regional Sales Manager

Steve Beisel has been a member of the TBP Converting team since 2010. In your experience with Steve, you will find he has a diverse field of knowledge, with a focus on protective films, adhesive tapes and bonding materials for ‘hard to stick to’ surfaces. Steve’s role as regional sales manager allows him to make in person visits to your facility, where he can show you new products, assist with process improvements and help troubleshoot issues. In his off time, outside of work, Steve enjoys a round of golf and following his favorite sports team.

Brian Wendig, OEM Sales Representative

Brian began his career with TBP in 2013, starting off in the inside sales and marketing department before moving on to outside sales. Brian has a wide array of product knowledge in all areas of our company and is also very personable with customers and co-workers. The combination of brains and swagger make Brian a great asset to our outside sales team. When Brian isn’t spending his time expanding his knowledge and client base, you’ll find him playing a round of golf and watch the latest Baltimore sports game.

Jess Baum, Outside Sales

Jessica has been a member of the TBP team since 2015. Starting out as an Inside Sales & Marketing Representative, Jessica was able to learn the “ins and outs” of TBP and the products before moving into an Outside Sales Representative role. Jessica enjoys working with customers to introduce new products and technologies for bonding and sealing applications. In her spare time, Jessica and her husband are busy playing with and chasing their toddler son, Hudson.

Keirsten Gramlich, Engineered Adhesives Specialist

Keirsten, a Mechanical Engineer graduate from Temple, joined the TBP team in July of 2018. She then took on the role of 3M Adhesive Specialist, working with our customers alongside 3M’s Technical Specialists to address demanding applications that require a high-level of support. When she’s not solving production problems, Keirsten enjoys visiting her parents at the Jersey Shore in the summer.

Dave Moran, Engineered Material Sales Specialist

David Moran has been a member of the TBP Converting team since March 2019. David graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in Industrial Engineering. He looks to continue the development of his knowledge in the OEM, HVAC, lighting and automotive industries. David works closely with the fabrication team create your custom bonding and sealing solutions.

Alexandra Wendig, Outside Sales

Alexandra Wendig started as an intern here at TBP Converting, while attending her final year at West Chester University. There she was a part of their Varsity Women’s Lacrosse program. Upon graduation, Alex joined TBP full time on the marketing and inside sales team, and is now working full time in outside sales. Due to her training, she is well rounded in a variety of departments, products and industries. In her free time, she enjoys running, paddle boarding and spending time with family and friends.

Josh Wentzel, Inside Sales Manager

Josh Wentzel joined the TBP Converting team as Inside Sales Manager in May of 2022.  Josh has a background of over 10 years in the Engineered and Performance Plastics industry serving various markets such as aerospace, semiconductor, and construction/heavy equipment.   Josh is looking forward to combining his industry and plastics knowledge with the custom capabilities that TBP offers to provide complete solutions to his customers.  In his free time Josh enjoys spending time with his family and being outdoors hiking, kayaking or skiing.

Nate Mummert, Inside Sales

Nate Mummert, a West Chester University graduate, has been a member of the TBP Converting team since 2014. When working with Nate, you will notice his focus on optically clear silicones and tapes. Throughout his experiences at TBP he has become well acquainted with tapes, adhesives and silicones. When Nate is not helping customers out on their latest job, you can find him golfing, traveling, at a concert, or at the closest sporting event.

Nicholas Chamberlin, Inside Sales

Nick Chamberlin was recently hired in 2020 after he graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Marketing. He has started his training as an Inside Sales Representative, learning the ins and outs of TBP’s wide variety of products and capabilities. When he is not working, he enjoys watching the Ravens, playing golf and spending time with his family and friends.

Alex DiDomizio, Outside Sales

Alex DiDomizio started his career with TBP in our inside sales and marketing department in 2021, with an extensive background in cold calling. After only a year he decided to make the change to our outside sales division so he could create and build a more intimate relationship between him and his customers. Alex specializes in solutions-based selling by exploiting pain points in the consumers production routine. Alex DiDomizio graduated from Bloomsburg University with a BS in marketing and in his free time enjoys going to the beach and playing a round of golf with friends.

Angela Hart, Solutions Specialist

Angela Hart started as an intern here at TBP Converting in 2021, before graduating from Bloomsburg University with a B.S.B.A in Professional Sales and Marketing. She has been involved in multiple competitions during her undergraduate even ranking 1st. Angela joined the team full time working in Inside Sales and Marketing. Learning about the custom capabilities TBP has to offer. When Angela isn’t helping customers, you can find her traveling to a new place, hiking, or taking scenic pictures.

Ansley Forrest, Solutions Specialist

Ansley Forrest began with TBP as an intern while studying at Pennsylvania State University. Ansley graduated from Penn State in 2022, with a degree in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Smeal College of Business. At Penn State, Ansley worked as a bartender for over 3 years at the world famous Lion’s Den. Upon graduation, Ansley started full-time with TBP as an inside sales representative. She looks to become an expert in all product lines and in all industries, so she can find the perfect solution for her client’s needs. In her free time, Ansley enjoys playing with her dog, watching college football, and enjoying a day at Dewey Beach.

Ben Puza, Solutions Specialist

Ben Puza joined the TBP Converting team in inside sales and marketing in 2022. Ben graduated from Bloomsburg University in May of 2022 with a degree in business focusing on sales and marketing. He is learning the details of TBP’s diverse range of products and applications. Ben is training specifically in OEM, HVAC, and transportation sales. Though sales is his first passion, Ben also finds time for hiking and traveling (but mostly sales).

Nicole Stickel, Solutions Specialist

Nicole is a treasured member of TBP’s sales team. Nicole just started her journey as an Inside Sales Representative with TBP in May of 2022. She is continuing to learn about each market and the many products TBP has to offer. In 2022 Nicole graduated with her bachelors degree from Bloomsburg University with a focus in Sales and Marketing. When Nicole is not solving the country’s adhesive problems, she is at the lake, golfing or skydiving.

Lauren Hatton, Solutions Specialist

Lauren Hatton joined the TBP Converting team in 2022. She is a Bloomsburg University graduate with a degree in Professional Sales and Marketing. Lauren specializes in applying her expertise and market knowledge at TBP Converting. She has been learning the details of TBP’s wide variety of products and capabilities. When Lauren is not in the office, she likes to go on adventures out into nature, taking long walks. She also enjoys listening to motivational podcasts and reading books while relaxing outside on a nice sunny day! 


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