Custom Services

Some projects call for products and services that innovative and unique. Here’s where TBP Converting really shines. We work with our customers to develop solutions that go above and beyond the ordinary.

Among our custom services are:

Spooling is the process of splicing together a series of cut rolls of material and wrapping them together as one reel. Each roll is spliced together to provide easy peel removal of the release liner.

Water Jet Cutting
When conventional cutting methods are unable to produce specified cuts, we use ultra-high pressure streams of water to produce cuts without fracturing, chipping and thermal stress.

Laser Prototyping
We use a high speed, in-line laser digital cutting system capable of producing parts that were once considered "unmachinable" with mechanical tooling. The laser beam is computer numerically controlled (CNC) and cuts parts at speeds up to 100 feet / minute.

TBP offers custom extrusion services to our customers.  Our extrusions are available in solid rubber and foam. These extrusions are available in a variety of material types and adhesives for your specific applications.

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